Interviewer           : Good morning. Please sit down.
Anita                    : Good morning
Interviewer           : What is your name please?
Anita                    : My name is Anita Purwati
Interviewer           : Please tell me little bit about yourself, Miss
Anita                    : I am graduate of Gunadarma University,
                              majoring in Economy management, with GPA of
                              3,85. I have several job experiences which are written on my curriculum vitae.
Interview              : Is that so? Do you have computer skills? Do you speak any other languages?
Anita                    : Yes, I do have computer skills. I can operate MS Office, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop,
                              and the internet. And I speak German, Spanish, Dutch, and French.
Interview              : Wow… So interesting. Where did you learn all that?
Anita                    : I learn some it while in university but I also took courses.
Interview              : This job requires a lot of traveling, what do you think about that? Is that a problem for you?
Anita                    : That won’t be a problem at all. As a matter of fact, I love traveling.
Interview              : Well then, you might the one we’re looking for, Miss Dawson. I’ll contact you as soon the board of directors make a  

                              decision about it. Our company needs a capable person who understands the duties as a public relation. I guess                                there’s nothing more to say. I hope I’ll be seeing you soon
Anita                   : I hope so, Sir. Thank you for the interview. Good morning.

NAMA                 : ANITA PURWATI
KELAS               : 4EA21
NPM                   : 10210891
                            DALAM BAHASA INGGRIS



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